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Phoenix GM3S Online Monitor System

Experts who anticipate maintenance. For equipment: 1. Early detection 2. Early maintenance 3. Diagnosis and prevention "Equipment Health" and "Production Line Stability" are aimed at major equipment, such as motors, gear boxes, fans, pumps, generators, cooling towers, etc. It uses sensor measurement signals to monitor, and can display results, warning functions and data analysis.


1.four-layer tree structure data management

Through the four-layer tree structure, the factory area, machines, equipment, measuring points .. clearly displayed.

2. Equipment auxiliary template

GM3S provides a large number of rotating equipment templates. As long as you set the name of the factory area, you can automatically provide measurement point setting suggestions through the machine template.

3. Multiple uses for one sensor

With the same sub-measurement point, an accelerometer can be used to obtain the OA of multiple different frequencies, which is convenient for advanced analysis and monitoring.

4. OA setting assistance

Choose different  range, can provide the recommended measurement (OA) setting.

5. Envelope analysis

Through the measurement and analysis of the envelope, some characteristic phenomena of the initial bearing damage can be observed.

6. Auxiliary setting of alarm & danger value 

GM3S can select different equipment and basic conditions through ISO 10816 auxiliary settings, and provide recommended alarm and dangerous values.

In addition, it can also provide a more accurate danger value of the police through the progressive algorithm of Spectrum.

7. Trend comparison

We display the total amount of OA, frequency spectrum, and wave pattern at the same time, we can observe the long-term trend changes, and can compare the data at 2-4 different time points at the same time, and we can make a simple diagnosis in advance.

8. Trip function

GM3S is also equipped with CM (condition monitoring) Protection (protection device), which can not only analyze the degradation of the equipment over a long period of time, but also can trip the settings to protect the equipment. It is one of the few dual-track systems on the market.

9. Advanced analysis (Phoenix Analyzer)

If you want to do advanced equipment diagnosis, you can  purchase Phoenix Analyzer, which has a bearing database of 40 brands and data on the damage frequency of nearly 40,000 bearings.

The inner ring, outer ring, retainer, and bearing frequency data are all available, and the full-spectrum analysis cross-comparison function makes the analysis faster and more accurate.

10. Automatic reports

Through the color, events, simple summary of the weekly and monthly reports, easy to watch

There is also an alarm list with all the details. Everything!

11. Equipment monitoring panel

Through the display panel, you can more intuitively understand the health status of various points of the device.

12. Flexible hardware configuration .

GM3S can choose centralized, decentralized, wired, wireless and other hardware architectures according to the number of field devices, points, and device spacing. PWE engineers have many years of rich experience to help you build your predictive maintenance system at the lowest cost.

Product functional specifications
1. Chinese cultural window graphical interface
2. According to the characteristics of the equipment, set the characteristic frequency or frequency band (OA) at the same measurement point (Sensor) and calculate it as the basis for monitoring.
3. The setting of the warning value and danger value of the characteristics (OA) for the system to judge whether the machine is abnormal.
4. The warning value and danger value of various characteristics (OA) can be calculated as a reference for initial setting.
5. Can check the latest total amount, frequency spectrum, waveform, and can display at the same time,
6. The frequency spectrum and waveform can compare the data at different time points for simple diagnosis and analysis
7. Machine template auxiliary measuring point setting
8. There are two types of measurement data: automatic transmission and designated transmission
9. Speed ​​auxiliary measurement setting
10. Speed ​​warning value recommendations for different types of equipment
11. The warning value of ISO 10816
12. Trip setting for comprehensive judgment to prevent sudden damage to the equipment.
13. Remote monitoring function: You can browse the trend analysis and real-time status of the device remotely in Web mode.
14. The detailed spectrum can be divided into active upload and passive upload.
15. With 4G wireless transmission method
16. Use SQL database.

With hardware
1.PW 747 (32 or 16 channel data acquisition module)
2.PW 727 (24 or 12 channel data acquisition module, can detect whether it is malfunctioning)

3.PW767 (16-channel vibration and temperature acquisition module)

4. Four-channel distributed acquisition module (applicable to the long distance of equipment, saving wiring construction costs)

Optional system (Option)
Optional analysis software Phoenix Analyzer

 Software function

1. Machine characteristic frequency setting.
2. With bearing database.
3. Frequency comparison and analysis of different points at the same time and different times at the same point.
4. Analysis of key frequencies, cursor frequencies, harmonic frequencies, sideband frequencies, frequency bands, and subharmonic frequencies.
5. Single wave type, double wave type and 3D stereo wave type display mode.
6. Spectrum scaling, frequency (band) labeling, frequency multiplication, side frequency, search list and unit conversion function.