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Pacer 3 Portable Monitoring System

Friendly interface that is closest to the user, complete auxiliary setting function of "measurement point, OA, warning value" allows you to easily set up and use. The health guardian of the machinery and equipment, improve the maximum efficiency of plant equipment management , Perform trend analysis, status warning and result management functions. It is the best weapon for predicting maintenance.

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There are many rotating equipment in the factory. We want to know their health status. You can easily manage your equipment through Pacer 3. Doing device management is easy to encounter many problems. Pacer3 helps you think

What is Pacer 3 Portable Monitoring  system?

key feature

1. Four-layer tree structure

If you have hundreds of equipments in your factory, have you used paper records in the past?

Pacer can accurately classify and manage each of our devices through a four-tier database

2. Auxiliary template

Have a measurement tool but don't know which position to measure?

It doesn't matter. With many years of equipment monitoring experience, Pacer 3 provides many templates for you, and just follow the template measurement.

If the device is not in the template, you can take a picture of your device as your own template.
We welcome you to contact us at any time.


3. Setting of alarm danger value

Equipment alarm and danger values are very important for equipment management. You can assist in ISO 10816 setting interface. In addition, you can customize the more appropriate alarm and danger values.


4. Data transmission

When your devices are set up, you can pass the measurement path to Pacer668D. Pacer 3 allows you to use USB or buletooth, or even through Wifi, so that even if you are far away, you can still download the measurement Path & upload measurement data.

5. Convenient and quick inspection and measurement

The 668D is equipped with a high-precision digital accelerometer. You only need to follow the measurement route you set. If you temporarily find that there are no pre-planned points, you can use off-route to create temporary points yourself.

6. Meter reading function

We provide meter reading function, which allows you to record the temperature, current, etc. of the device at the same time

7. Supervised and durable, feather-weight large screen

Pacer 668D adopts a rugged tablet computer, which has the functions of anti-drop, anti-collision, anti-splash, anti-vibration, anti-dust and waterproof. After independent testing, it complies with MIL-STD 810G and IP65 standards. And it has a large 8.1-inch screen and weighs less than 1 kg.

8. Trend analysis

Pacer 3 management program can help you quickly check the device status, each trend change, each time spectrum data, and provide convenient reporting functions.

9. Advanced analysis

With Analyzer 3, you can analyze the key frequency, cursor frequency, harmonic frequency, side frequency, frequency band, and sub-harmonic frequency through the bearing database.

Our goal is to make the most convenient and useful predictive maintenance tools, so that you can get the most effective equipment management solution at the fastest speed and at a reasonable price. With more than 30 years of deep root vibration in the field of Spectrum Technology, nearly half of the company's personnel are responsible for product development and technical services, bringing you the best products and after-sales service.

Detail specifications
1. Digital vibration measurement system.
2. Auxiliary setting: measurement point selection, measurement setting and warning value have auxiliary setting function
3. Can set the inspection path and measurement conditions.
4. Can analyze the trend graph, and set the warning and danger value.
5. Direct spectrum analysis and advanced diagnosis
6. Raw data (Raw Data) for measurement can be stored.
Pacer 660/668 recorder measurement function
1. Frequency bandwidth: 0.3-10KHz (± 3dB), measuring range: 0 ~ 50g.
2. Vibration can be measured and recorded or the measured value can be entered by meter reading.
3. Non-route points can be measured on-site at a single point in real time, and then imported into the overall management structure.
4. Bluetooth, USB, wifi, Remote (data / setting transmission).
5. Measuring point measurement setting related to factory / machine / equipment / point name.
6. The total data of the last 11 measurements are displayed.
7. Can do English or metric conversion and unit conversion.
8. It can display the spectrum chart and waveform chart corresponding to the total measurement amount, and can also move the cursor stepwise and peak, calibrate the graph and convert the unit.
9. The value, frequency spectrum and waveform can be displayed instantly during measurement.
10. Weight: less than 0.9KG.
11. There is no upper limit on the number of records stored in each inspection.

Phoenix Pacer analysis management software function
(Requires additional installation on computer)
1. Device trend management function.
2. Patrol route setting function.
3. Four-layer database: factory / machinery / equipment / measurement point.
4. Auxiliary function of measuring point selection and measurement setting. .
5. All-Chinese cultural graphical user interface.
6. The warning value and dangerous value of each vibration characteristic bandwidth (OA) can be set.
7. Auxiliary setting of the warning value of ISO10816 and machine vibration.
8. Export the file in CSV format.
9. Report: all kinds of inspection and machine reports.
10. Provide equipment reference value, warning value, dangerous value calculation function.
11. Envelope envelope spectrum measurement and analysis.

Connected computer specifications: Win 10 or more, Office 2016 or more, storage space 100G or more, processor i5 or more, memory 4G or more, Bluetooth device.

Purchase hardware
1. Pacer 660D recorder
2. Pacer 668D Recorder

Collocation analysis system
Phoenix Analyzer
Analysis software
Software features:
1. Machine characteristic frequency setting.
2. Equipped with bearing database for bearing characteristic frequency setting
3. Frequency comparison and analysis of different points at the same time and different times at the same point.
4. Analysis of key frequency, cursor frequency, harmonic frequency, side frequency, frequency band and sub-harmonic frequency.
5. Single wave type, double wave type and 3D stereo wave type display mode.
6. Spectrum scaling, frequency (band) labeling, frequency multiplication, side frequency search list and unit conversion function